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Basic Life Support CPR/AED

This course used to be known as CPR for Healthcare Providers (HCP). This class deals with emergencies in clinical environments. It teaches students single-rescuer and team life saving skills.  Some examples of professionals who would take this course are Nursing staff, Paramedics and dental hygienists.

*We recommend checking with your employer, or organization to see if this course meets your requirements.*


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  • Glove removal

  • Primary Assessment

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in teams

  • Airway Obstruction

  • Assisted Ventilation

  • Basic Life Support special


considerations*Includes any other *content required by specific legislation*

Two people demonstrating the ABC's of First Aid


  • Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support Field Guide (eBook)

  • Canadian Red Cross CPR manual (eBook)

  • CPR/BLS certificate (Valid for one year)

Canadian Red Cross CPR manual
Canadian Red Cross BLS Field Guide
Kim Mundle teaching First aid CPR AED level C

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