Benefits of Kim Mundle First Aid Training for your Business







For each business;


we maintain training records;

This enables us to let you know when your employees need to be recertified, giving you the peace of mind knowing you have the correct ratio of First Aid trained employees for your staff levels





Create a safer work environment

An engaging first aid course can inspire your employees to take action to prevent injury and illness, at work and at home

This can lead to less time lost from work, and lower Worker’s Compensation premiums



Kim can tailor your course to meet the needs of your employees.  She has experience teaching for;



Health and social services organizations

Audiences that include children, youth, adults and seniors, people with disabilities, and people who are learning to speak English



We will train your staff in one of our facilities, or you can save by allowing us to use your space.

You can also qualify for further discounts through larger class sizes.



Find which course is right for your business

CPR/AED* Level-C

Emergency First Aid CPR/AED-C

Standard First Aid CPR/AED-C

* AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator

We also teach the same courses for re-certification



First Aid Training for Businesses